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The hidden smiles of Vietnam

The album titled “The Hidden Smiles Of Vietnam” is a living proof for the title “Top 5 happiest country world” that Vietnam had been rated.

Dedicated to the theme “Smile”, for many years, Rehahn – a French photographer – went traveling across Vietnam to capture the most beautiful and happiest moment of people of the country, especially the northern mountainous region.

He noticed a habit of Vietnamese people that the hands covered the radiant smile, maybe because of the shyness or because they want to express a subtle, polite gesture.

The main common point helped the photographer name the album “The Hidden Smiles of Vietnam”.

Coming up next, Réhahn will continue to come to other places of Vietnam to capture the smiles; and a photo exhibition will soon be organized and the album will be presented to the public.

Here are some photos that capture the French photographer of the Red Dao smile – an ethnic minority in the northern mountains of Vietnam.


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