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“Quan họ Singing”- the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

In 2009, Quan ho is recognized as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. They are folk songs with subject of love between young male and female. These songs are associated with traditional spring festival that follow the celebration of Tet Vietnamese in Bac Ninh province. They consist of alternating verses. A pair of female singer (liền chị) will sing a “challenge phrase” and then a pair of male singer (liền anh) will response by singing a “match phrase” and they must have the similar melody compare with females. When the first time finishes, the both of male and female are revered.

The female singers wear traditional customs with “áo tứ thân”, a large round hats (Nón quai thao – in Vietnamese) and scarves. While the male’s custom includes a turban, an umbrella and a tunic.

(Quan ho singing – Bac Ninh Province. )

The charm of Quan ho songs lies in a number of factors: beautiful thoughts accompanied by words full of emotions; the wealth of melodies; voice quality, elegance artists on stage and couples express their discrete Love lyrics.

(Texts and photos by Lan Phuong – Source:

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