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Lung Phin market – one of the most beautiful backward market

Lung Phin market – one of the most typical and unique backward market in Ha Giang Province

Most of markets in the north of Vietnam are organized in fixed day such as: Coc Ly Market on Tuesday, Can Cau Markets on Saturday….and repeat weekly. 

But Lung Phin, Sa Phin, Pho Bang, Pho Cao markets in Ha Giang Prince are the exceptional! They take place every 6 days in accordance with 12 animal designations – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Cat/Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. We call them a nick name: “Cho Lui” means “Backward Markets”.

The morning begins earlier at 05:00AM than normal day and finished at 3 to 4PM. All of ethnic peoples: H’Mong, Zao, Tay, Lo Lo, Tu Di… start going to the market from the early morning by all means of transportation; walk, horse and even motorbike. They travel in family, a group of young girls and boys and starting making the market vibrant with their best and colorful clothes.

In the market day old people to talk about their family, children, works, a chance for the family to sell their crops, buffaloes, pig, chickens and to buy necessary for their family, crops… It is also a chance for young girls and boy starting their courtship.

Markets is going to end around 3pm when all of barter counter-trade are over, buffaloes, chickens, pigs are sold, ice creams are all bought by young girls, soup are eated by family, rice wine are all drunken by group of friends. No matter if they could sell all of their products as they could bring them home as they could meet their old friends, could drink, chat, sharing their life stories or even a certain courtship seeded.

What a wonderful socialize way that we should not miss!

Lung Phin Market!

Girls and My Guest!

Chiken Sellers!

2 young H’Mong Girls

2 young H’mong Teens

A group of your H’Mong Girls in their best dress

A corner of the Markets

Pigs sellers

Dining room for breakfast and lunch

Incense sticks seller


Going home

Here is the chart for the market days!

Day / Market

Lung Phin Market

Sa Phin Market

Pho Bang Market

Pho Cao Market










Cat / Rabbit



























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